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Lizards, Grasshoppers and Tadpoles

“What’s that?” I asked as I peered into the the small dirty square glass case filled with sticks and leaves. “It’s a lizard, duh.” My blonde haired blue eyed step brother from my mothers fourth marriage replied in a smarmy tone. “Damn, why do you have to be so mean? I just couldn’t see anything under the leaves and stuff. Can I hold it?” I asked, hoping that being near the same age and in our early teens would provide some semblance of familiarity. “No. You can’t hold it. It’s mine.” I roll my eyes but keep looking down into the glass case until I spot the lizard. I notice that it’s very pale and walking in a crooked line along a large stick. “What’s wrong with your lizard, dude? It looks sick.” “Heh, nothing really. I’m just running an experiment. Testing something out.” “You made the poor thing sick?” “It’s not sick dumbass. It’s losing it’s tail, look.” He opened the lid of the glass prison and moves around some leaves so the lizard can climb higher. “Oh, it will grow a new one though, s…

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