Hi folks and welcome to my personal blog of introspection, creativity, and exploration.

Here you'll find many creations of mine including: comics, short stories, poems, diaries, posts about life, and the occasional post on indie game development.

I'm striving to stay on the creative path to heal and grow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Skill Blender: Part Two

In a previous post I touched upon the subject of other skills that writers might have and how they might incorporate them into their writing life. Over these past few months I've learned to embrace all of my different hobbies and streamline them into a creative package. I gather a lot of inspiration from video games, movies, comics, and art. It's safe to say that consuming media seems to be a large part of my creative process. (If I don't let it eat up all my time of course.)

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'll Miss You, PJ's.

After a small vacation last month, and spending some well deserved time with my hubby, I'm ready to take the deep dive back into the insanity that is writing land. I'll admit, it's a hard thing to do after spending so much time adjusting to the everyday norm. Ahh, the beauty of television, exercise, quality time, and laughing hysterically at the internet until your sides hurt. While the break was nice (and playing video games in my pajamas was fun) I'm ready to get a cup of coffee and say hello to my characters again. I've missed them and I hope they aren't angry at me! Especially the one with the burning magic.