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I'm striving to stay on the creative path to heal and grow.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Destruction and Creation

The strength we have as individuals is often weighed through our amount of problems, trauma, and suffering we've endured in our lifetime. It's a fact that personal ruin or thriving beauty can easily be transfixed in the past events that shaped us. Whether it's the people who took advantage of us, molded us, or taught us how to live our lives through their own vision; control versus creation of our own identity is always underneath the murky surface of our perception.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Eaten Alive

The wolf of night
It's blackest sheen
Glows with crimson
Grins with perfect teeth

In desperation and protection
In the forest of reverie
Met with good intentions
Born of malady

A crumbled love
         It consumed the heart
Of its twin divine
The wolf of sun

A fervent chase
I’m always hungry
So it cries
So it lies

Now all it knows
Is to devour
Until it's heart
No longer shatters

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wine & Whisper

A daydream of invoking magicks
I peek between the languid vines
Your spring gaze forever lasting
A dance of drunken reveries
The raindrops of these dreams sublime
Where wine gives way to flushed musing
As fingers dance upon my heart
It has formed from need to want
In closures freedom I’ve discovered
Under this willow tree I long to be
A honeysuckle between my teeth
As I wait grinning playfully
With grass stained knees
And music on my mind
A love which burns my skepticism
And eyes that ground my fantasies
For whom, I wonder, talks to me?
Is it you that’s beckoned me
Or plays with my sentimentality
For does it matter either way?
Perhaps summer knows better

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Heart & Moon

Every night she speaks to the moon
A story about her heart
The moon looks on
She whispers desire
Dreams of forever
Every night she still loves
the moon
and his stars

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Heart of Hunger

The creature rises up
It is hungry
Straight from the depths of emptiness
Broken hearts are left behind 
An endless grip of uncertainty
There is no life left in it's wake
No hope for you as it binds you to it
It's so very hungry
It feasts on peace and wants much more
Placates and transpires
Schemes and plans 
It's just so hungry 
It needs energy
Whispers love behind blank eyes
A trap
Seductive line
Tries to find a victim 
In due time
It's truth is dead
replaced with siren song
For soon the creature
Will destroy it's host
so afraid
Pull them down 
Into it's abyss
So it isn't hungry 
and it erases the light of day

Friday, March 17, 2017


It waits inside the recesses of the dreamless nights
Follows and watches you unfold as it silently absorbs
Bred from centuries of programmed lineages and histories
Attracts experiences of its own divine dark order
All the knowledge and past mirages it portrays
It must repeat the cycle to consume the human heart
Eats true love from the soul and creates a husk
It latches onto our dreams and spreads lies
Black and white is it’s game and it doesn’t care
It only eats and presents illusion and dissonance
All to keep the host distracted
The eater of all that is truly human
Pushes down our voice as we let our lives unfold
Watch our world die and fight each other
It affects all we do and keeps us from deeper unity
The door will only open when we see this
We all have a passenger that shades our view

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Hooded Man

It walks through dreams
An echo of metamorphosis
Only the forest knows it's name
And of all the husks it disposes

The Dancers Illusion

And the creature consumed his heart in the city that divides man from his truth
She knows the way
With myths of plasticity and hope that expends its own lens
The liar seeps it’s pleasure in
A tragedy to intellect and cognition
It’s teeth that gnashed and created a bloodless skin

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What I Learned From Following My Heart

To my friends and lonely souls,
this lesson I now know

Never regret the call of your heart
or live in fear of the unknown

It forces you to grow
It breathes new life into your weary bones

The burden of proof
reveals the secrets hiding in shadow

Even if those you love could never understand
or meet you with such passionate force

Society will always present it's own version
of who it thinks we should be

A life less lived was my own shame
with regrets of what could have been

A mind of disproportionate value
to my heart and soul

But now, I love until my dying breath,
even those who come and go

Because I'll follow my heart 
to the very end

I will always grow

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

201 Nathan Street

A bitter breeze whipped at the thick flat nose of a short, balding and chubby man walking hastily down a hushed street. The blur of his round shadow reflected in shallow puddles that gathered along the gutters of the damp sidewalk. The rain from the early morning hours left an odor of stale muggy pavement that carried no comfort to his weak bones. Night began to show itself and betrayed him as he glanced towards the silhouetted hillsides fading from view. The dread of the sun disappearing filled him. Why did it always get dark so early? His knuckles turned white as he clutched nervously onto a small brown paper bag nestled under his arm; inside was his favorite bag of chocolate chip cookies and a pint of milk.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Secret

He summoned it
From the sunless depths
His ravings drove him mad
Lost and seeking answers
Beyond reality it came
In the night it coalesced
The sun would apt destroy
It writhed with contortions inhuman
A schorl heart ingrained
It consumed every moment
Never ate or drank
An eye of piercing darkness
In the center of it’s head
It watched him from the corner
His reflection of terror
His curiosity and intent
Forever shifting fingers
Secrets whispered in his ears
Foul and ancient
As he tried to rest
He dreamt of other universes
He watched it as it watched him
Days, nights, seconds
Growing tired by the minute
His hunger was unsated
Behind it’s silent door
He trembled
It would not go away
No matter how many rituals or incantations
It didn’t fade
Until its secrets drove him mad
And he drifted off to sleep
Regret came too late
No hope left
It crouched over his bed
Pushed it’s hands into his head
Fingers caressed every synapse
For days it melded
An exchange of two worlds
Inside his mind now attached
It became it’s home
His soul was now it’s cradle
He awoke
He was whole.

Friday, March 10, 2017


You are
My missing puzzle piece
I’m not afraid to admit
Pain no longer persists

I hold this symmetry to my breast
In this exploration of my heart
I found the map of truth

Your lips have a song
I knew it’s bloom once before  
When time was undone

Your lily danced with me
A fire burned beneath our feet
The earth echoed in your eyes

I take this with me
Beyond the forests eye
And release it to the trees

Your star always in my sky
To gaze and dream outside of time
Freedom and delight forever on my mind

In this peace of knowing myself
I find my own design
I was never empty or alone

The shadow was my guide

Thursday, March 9, 2017

GUNNM: Gally


Wrapped around inside my daydream
These symptoms and flutters
Curious lessons bind my heart
Always free but misaligned
Your phantasm at the altar,
walks in circles around my lungs
The trees blossom in waves of vibrance
Where the wheel of passion turns again
Where love once played it’s part
and replaces the fingers of imagined bliss
Consumption displays and betrays
with a lingering between the cracks
Broken vision delivers me
Plays on my tongue
Veracity only goes so far pretty kitty
But time always sings the song
A wine once crimson on my lips
Dreams forever imagined on the line
Precision and sentiment of my own imaginings
I caress the future and leave the past behind
Never forgetting the life I saw in eyes so unearthly

Friday, March 3, 2017

Concept Sketch: Alien Fish


The stranger asked inquisitively
"But how could you keep going?"
She answered assuredly
"Because that is survival."
His eyes focused on her lips
"But how can you keep smiling?"
She crinkled her nose
"Because that is hope."
His hands took hers gently
"But how can these keep creating?"
She interlaced his fingers
"Because a life without this is dead."
His eyes met with hers daringly
"But how can you still see?"
She gazed at him intently
"Because I know peoples secrets."
He moved in closer and held her face
"But how can you still dream?"
She pressed her hand to his cheek
"Because I have seen the fires and death."
He kissed her as if it were home
"But how can you still love?"
She pressed his fingers to her lips
"Because that's all that's real."
He embraced her gently
"But how do you still breathe?"
She buried her face in his shoulder
"Because of you I continue on."
The stranger disappeared. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017


And the rain pours down
Washing away the wolf's fragile prints
As the sun sleeps behind the trees,
the moon plants it’s glowing seeds
While the broken raven flies free
On the stars of fragile dreams

Foot to ground she's wandering

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Diary of a Noob Indie Game Dev 01 : You want me to decide? Wee! Let's Ride Bikes.

Who? Me?
This past year and a half has been an interesting learning experience since I decided to hop on board and start doing art development for an indie game. It's a very small team and without any personal experience in this area it's been a road of ups, downs, and trying many different methods to get the work done. It's been built from the ground up with all original assets created by my hand and coffee induced work hours. I'm not sure I could do it without the caffeine honestly.