The Diary of the Hapless Hero: Day 2


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Day 2

So Larry came to pick me up but was two hours late. He was probably busy with that broad from his apartment building that he won’t stop screwing when her husband is out of town. I told him if he didn’t stop he’d catch something nasty, or worse, his wife would find out.

I was kicked out of the hospital room after causing a scene. I spotted another one of those fucked up creatures hanging around on the ceiling. Don’t want to say for sure but I’m starting to think that whatever she injected me with is making me hallucinate. Could it be some kind of untraceable drug or something? Is that possible? Where did she come from? Why did she do this to me?

The least she could have done was give me something nice to remember her by before I die; like a kiss or a little cuddle. I mean, I’m not sure if I’m gonna die but it certainly feels like it. I’m friggin’ starving. Gonna call Larry.

I managed to get Larry to take me to the twenty-four hour grocery store. Man, not even two craptastic burgers and a bag of chips could keep me from feeling like I could eat a horse. I grabbed a six pack of beer to see if that would help me forget this horrible day but now I’ve finished them all. I don’t even feel fucking drunk. I just wanted to pass out but that seems impossible. I’m not tired in the slightest. To make matters worse, I feel bloated and not one bit nauseated. So much for that lightweight title I earned years ago.

I can hear the next door neighbour having an argument with someone; or is that her television on full blast? I can’t tell.

I banged on the wall a few times and it didn’t seem to help. I’m going over there to ask her to turn it down. My head is killing me.

Okay that was really strange. She answered the door and her television was on a really low volume but I heard it like it was in my head echoing. It was so loud that I shouted at her and she was confused.

“Will you please turn that down?! You must be annoying the whole complex!”
“What? It’s been at a low volume all night. Are you feeling okay? Why are you shouting?” She asked me.

She seemed convinced I was sick. I swear she had it blaring! What’s going on?

Everything is normal again. I can hear the cars outside but things seem to be calming down. My phone is ringing.

Lucy just called and I went ballistic on her. She kept asking me a bunch of questions about how I was feeling physically after the injection. I threatened her with a court case and a visit from the police. She said she wanted to meet me for coffee tomorrow to explain everything with the stipulation of no cops.

No way am I going to let this fly. Whatever she did to me she better have an explanation when I confront her. Maybe she can stop this headache.

Hold on, what’s that sound? I hear something. It’s inside the walls. It's a strange thumping and scratching sound. My head hurts. I

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