The Diary of the Hapless Hero: Day 3


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Day 3

What time is it? I don’t feel so hot. I’m burning up. My whole body is on fire and I think I’m going to throw up. Oh no.

Okay, now I’m worried. I just stumbled into the bathroom and vomited up blood. That’s not natural. It’s close to morning now, I can see the light of morning peeking through the window near the kitchen. I think I need more sleep. So tired...

Eat.   Devour.   Consume.

I must’ve fallen asleep at my desk. I feel a little bit better. The heatwave that passed through my body earlier seems to have passed. A visit to the doctor might be needed. When I went to the bathroom earlier I found some kind of strange growth on the back of my neck. It’s solid like a black stone and about the size of a dime. I tried to dig it out but the area around it was swollen and it hurt too much. What the hell did I write earlier? Was I so tired I didn’t notice? What the fuck?

Anyway, no time to dwell. I have to meet Lucy in an hour and it looks like my eyes can’t take the sun. Going to have to bring shades with me. The strange growth on my neck should easily be covered up by a collared shirt, it’s low enough on the neckline.

I haven’t heard anymore sounds inside the walls like before. Maybe the drugs she pumped into me have finished their trial run. I can tell her all about my amazing evaluation when I see her and ask her what the hell she was thinking. Wait. I hear something. What was that?

I...I don’t know what just happened. I’ve torn apart my apartment to try and kill it. Some kind of large hound-like black creature with crimson glowing eyes. Fuck fuck, man, what the hell was that thing? It appeared out of thin air, like it just came out of another dimension. It was hiding near my couch when I heard it growling real low. It was guttural, actually, it kind of sounded like Larry when he sleeps. He has a real snoring problem. But the smell, it was overpowering and the room temperature heated up real fucking fast. There was a thick smoke around it and after it chased me around my living room I started throwing whatever I could grab at it. I might have broken a few lamps.

The thing tackled me and I just had this instinct to wrap my hands around it’s neck and grip on. I broke it’s neck and it burst into ash on top of me. The ash soon dissipated as if it wasn’t ever there; leaving me to deal with a completely trashed apartment. It’s teeth were disgusting and large. If it decided to take a chunk out of me, I’d be dead within seconds.

Those eyes. They’re haunting me. I have to leave, I can’t stay here. What if something else appears? Screw this.

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