Come With Me

Come with me, my friend. Sit with me. Take my hand. Join me under this forest canopy. Just sit with me. Walk with me and put old fears aside. Take my hand and just be silent. Look around with those wondrous eyes and watch the fresh air dance amongst the leaves. We are one here. One with what is truly being free. Just you. Just me. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as it peeks through the cool shade of the yawning, tangled and stretching branches. Take my hand and just sit with me. Just simply be you and I'll simply be me.

Touch the earth, feel the grass and it's delicacy in your grip. Feel the dirt in your hands. Grind it and claw at it with your hungry fingers. Let it invade gently beneath your fingernails. Dig deeper into the life giving soil and just listen to the earth as it speaks. Throw it if you want, smoosh it, look at it, drop it like sand and explore its texture. Rub it on your feet. Eat some if you want, I don't care. I won't judge you. Just laugh with me as we explore it. Get dirty with me.

Come with me. Let's walk beside the cleansing stream. We can get naked and pretend the world outside this forest never existed. Show me what’s underneath those restricting clothes, all of it. Don’t be afraid. This moment is all we ever needed. This reality is what truly is. No cars. No music. No television. No electronics. No loud grinding. Just this real connectivity. Bend down on one knee at the water's edge and look at your reflection. See yourself. All of you. Who are you? Who are you supposed to be? Beyond the illusion. Beyond the reflection. Take yourself in. Take in all parts of you. A vibrant youth, a middle aged intelligence, a wise old one, a lively child, a crying babe. Every part of you that wants to exist.

Forget the voices. The chains of those that seek to control freedom and attempt to form all human perfections and flaws in their vision. Remember your life before its true beauty even began. I know you know who you are. I see that pain. I hear it. My heart feels that pain. I was there too. Can you? Look into the world you have created and see what’s in your eyes, no matter how scary it is. No matter who you have become. Every choice. Who are you supposed to be? Tell me my friend. Tell yourself the truth. Look into the stream and truly see for once the magic inside of you. The magic that has been stunted by the lies and pain of a life fraught with struggles. I have seen this so many times.

I will join you. We can gaze together. Examine our lies and truths in our eyes. Our reflections will sit side by side as we express every emotion and play with the ripples. Our visages repeat in motion with the water's grace. Smile, growl, scream, laugh, stick out your tongue, grimace, scowl, cry, grin, and blush. Show yourself to yourself. Remember those emotions before the desert took over? Really look deep inside, even if it's endless and unending. I know you can. Look at the most frightening and most important truths. Explore who you are now and who you were. Who you are becoming, no matter who that person is. I remember.

Let's walk along the stream and feel the mud and pebbles under our feet. We can squish it in between our toes. Throw some mud at me. Let me paint spirals on your back with it. Perhaps a smiley face too. I’ll slap some of it on your naked chest. You can playfully spread it on my face. Let me touch you and see you for who you are. The darkness, the light, the gray, the color, the emptiness and fullness. Just take my hand and walk with me as mud creeps up our shins. Stomp through the mud with me and let it get you filthy. Who cares?

Let's run together. Jumping through the forest like we own it. Let’s run and get sweaty. We’ll zip and whiz fast with the wind at our backs. Gusts of air pushing in and out of our lungs, reminding us we are alive. Hold my hand and then let go as you run ahead of me. Race with me. Show me that challenging spirit. It's alright if you fall. I'll be there to help you get back up and if I'm not, I know you can catch up to me quickly. You are strong. Run with me and let these trees pass us by. We’ll surprise the birds that spread their wings on our approach and the scurrying bugs will hide as we storm through the glimmering specks of light. We can laugh and yell. Run and howl. Exhaust yourself with me. I want to see you dripping with sweat and panting.

Stand still with me as we approach an open field. Rest your legs. Laugh and tell me how tired you are. Exclaim that you can't take much more. Huffing and clutching your stomach because it hurts to breathe. Let your body be exhausted. Look out into the field with me at the sunset forming on the hills beyond. Talk with me about it's intoxicating colors. Describe to me how it looks. It's mellow oranges and radiant yellows that collide with the pillowed sleepy lilac clouds. Show me your beautiful mind and talk with me as we walk into the field; covered in sweat, mud, and dirt. Take my hand again and let me look at you. Let's walk through the field and find a place to sit. A breeze will sing a song as the grass sways and reaches for our ankles.

Sit with me again my friend. Talk with me as the glow of the sleepy sun glistens off your moist skin that entices me. Tell me your childish hopes and dreams. I'll tell you mine. Tell me a story. I'll tell you one if you like. Let me hear the words dance from your lips into my eager ears. Now tell me your true story. All of it. We can share. We can laugh and cry. Show me who you truly are beneath the surface. The strength you have had to use to endure trials. The strength of your heart and mind. Your spirit underneath.

Scream at me if you have to. Yell it. Be raw. I’m not afraid. Show me everything. The kicking anger. The seething or the depressive. The madness. The cheer. Put it all out there and let it rip out from you until you can’t feel it anymore. The burdens and the pains. I will do the same. Explore it with me. Right now it doesn’t matter. Be human. Realize the flaws, realize the perfect parts. Recognize it all.

Put down those weapons as the stars appear. Share your secret wishes. I'll share mine. Let me come closer. We can entwine and knot our legs and hands together as we lay down under the stars. Let me hold your hand as we look up at the universe over us. Let me feel the sweat drying on your skin as I run my fingers along your chest ever so slightly. I can feel the nervous goosebumps forming on the surface as we rest here. Put down your weapons and I'll put down mine. Caress my face as the stars begin to fill the night sky. We’ll whisper and point up at the constellations. Imagine better and brighter things. A world created from imagination and how we wish to explore the stars some day. The moon will gaze down on us with a smooth glow and keep a history of our time here.

Let me whisper in your ear as I rest my head on your shoulder. Something sweet or something naughty. Something kind and loving. Whatever you want to hear. Can I caress your lips that have spoken so much to me this wondrous night? Let me lean over you as the gleaming bliss of the moon forms my silhouetted frame in your vision. You can tell me how my hair tickles your chest. Let me push apart your dry lips softly with my fingers and move in closer. Just one kiss, that’s all I ask. Nothing more, nothing less. Let me taste your tongue as it touches mine. I want to feel the soft bumps and cooling glide as they tangle together. A kiss I dream of and never tire of. We can fall asleep here. Let’s fall asleep here and dream of something more. Something real and something to carry with us when we return.

Just come with me.


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