Honey Dreams

The battle of a sugary day is at an end. The music begins again and the fudge-filled sun goes down on the streets of Candyland. Somewhere you can hear the cries of chocolate hunger and a candy wrapper flapping alone in an alleyway. The bitter dark chocolate wind bites at your cheeks as you dream of something sweet.

Sometimes you can hear the echoes of a distant sirens voice that calls out to you in it’s own hour of need but disappears as you answer. A phantom of chocolate withholding that you desire for your own. Yet this phantom has no intention of ever coming back home with that candy bar you begged for on the phone.

“Please? Just a little bit more tonight. Stay and let's eat something yummy together. A snickers? No, how about just one box of Ghirardelli? We can share it. No? Chocolate-liqueur cherries? No wait, a Toblerone. Yeah that could work. No? Okay how about a bag of Lindt chocolates? A Kit-kat? Twix? Okay maybe a pastry then? Honey? Babe? Hello?”

But the phantom never answers directly as you swim in the waves of sleight suggestions.

Only dreams will ever taste so sweet in Candyland.

You will never know the truth about the cost of guzzling down the sugar poured down your throat while you sleep with a restless stomach and a painful sweet tooth. In Candyland, one is always wondering what comes next as you read between the Pixie Stick lines. The more you try to resist the game, the worse it is. But does the phantom ever answer? Only those dripping with their own precious sugar will ever know the answer.

Because the truth about honey is that while it’s sticky as fuck, it tastes so damn good that when you get a drop of what the phantom keeps at bay, you want more.

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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