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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Strength of the Human Heart 8

Watercolor by Abby Diamond
Part 8 of my ongoing blog posts of my experience with ego death and rewriting of my personality traits; which is still ongoing to this day. Please go here if you are just beginning. Warning 1: Not for the faint of heart or easily emotionally triggered individuals. Warning 2: I am not a psychologist or professional in the field of mental health. These are simply my human and soulful experiences, take from them whatever you want.

Deconstruct The Heart's Poisoned Perception

Words and their meaning carry. The implementation of words into our minds starts when we’re little babes. Anyone who listens, or at least wants to listen, and takes in what people have said to them know what I’m talking about when the meaning of what someone important to you says carries. The words someone uses as their own personal language to convey to you what exists in their minds, hearts, emotions, or perceptions. Especially when it’s about you.
But nothing matters more than how a person conveys themselves to you repeatedly as you're growing up. Not only do their words and purpose of them hold a heavy weight, but it has the possibility to form who we think we should be according to their world view.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Morning Sun

I feel my muse in a phantoms grip
That encircles my heart with pressured pith
This pain endured forms the truth of song
As it slips away in calming hours of rest
It dances in my dreams as sleep comes at last
With late night thoughts and music in my ears
I fall to sleep with the wondrous thoughts