Morning Sun

I feel my muse in a phantoms grip
That encircles my heart with pressured pith
This pain endured forms the truth of song
As it slips away in calming hours of rest
It dances in my dreams as sleep comes at last
With late night thoughts and music in my ears
I fall to sleep with the wondrous thoughts
I wake to the sound of cars and blankets curled around
With a heat in my stomach and a swell in my heart
To know a connection that drowns those early hours
With tears and passion that shivers inside my hidden pleasure
It crashes through me and pours into every nerve
A waterfall crescendo of the hand in my heart unknown
It entangles with my own and is my home
There is only these precious moments I crave
For those times I truly know who beckons
I shake and unfurl as these whispering clouds pursue
Something deep and without words echoes still
It naps on my tongue as a voice unheard
As a person I may have never or always known
For this heated passion without a touch
Caresses my soul with the morning sun
It’s gone just as fast as the days lead on
I return to understanding the painful song
Will I ever know how to keep this flame?
Or is this eternal fire meant to only cause me pain?
A path of love isn’t easy but these moments are a gift

I will treasure them as I open my eyes once again


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